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Jaw-dropping statistics reveal the terrifying truth behind Kentucky and Ohio semi-truck and auto accidents

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      Driving a car is typically an easy and convenient task, allowing a person to safely get from point A to point B.  If something goes wrong, however, everything can change in a split second.  If a driver loses control of their vehicle, it can seriously injure or kill them and anyone that comes in their path.  Driving is something that most of us do every single day of our lives; it can be easy to forget that driving is the number one cause of death in most age groups.  A driver can easily become preoccupied with other tasks, and forget how serious of a danger driving can be.  If you or a loved one have been affected in any way by a driver that has lost control of their vehicle, it is important to seek legal representation. 


      It is not new information that car accidents happen all the time.  In any given week of a day-to-day commute, it is almost unavoidable that a car accident will cause traffic or lane closure.  One of the main causes of car accidents is a loss of control while driving.  Loss of control can result from many factors: especially distracted driving, and including unfamiliarity with a new driving route, or drunk driving.  Drunk driving warrants a category of its own, but can still be a major factor in loss of vehicular control.  When a driver is being sober and otherwise responsible, loss of control while driving is particularly terrifying because it can happen in an instant.  Distracted driving has increased heavily over the years, and is statistically more common than drunk driving.   


On August 19, 2017,wbko reports a man was driving southbound on Interstate 69 in Madisonville, KY when he lost control of his vehicle, went across the median, and collided with another vehicle.  The driver that lost control was taken to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.  On July 28, 2017, WBKO reports a nineteen-year-old girl lost control of her car in a curve on Nortonville Road and hit another car after crossing the median.  The teen died in the hospital from her injuries.  On August 6, 2017, WBKO reports a man was driving around a curve, lost control of his vehicle, and hit a tree.  He did not die, but he did sustain injuries.  A quick search on the internet led to information about the accidents listed above, and several others.  This search was conducted only for accidents that occurred in Madisonville, Kentucky.  Drivers lose control of their vehicles all the time.  Many times, there are disastrous results.  It is not known why these drivers lost control, but it can reasonably be inferred that they were distracted by something that made them take their eyes off the road. 


      In Bardstown, Kentucky, WDRB reports a high school student may face involuntary manslaughter charges for running a red light and hitting another car, killing its driver.  This occurred in February earlier this year.  The teen was not drunk or on drugs; she was simply not paying attention.  A police officer testified about the accident: “Based on the video, there was no hesitation, no attempt to stop which made me believe that she may have been preoccupied doing something while she was driving… So whether it be playing with the radio, talking on her cell phone, eating breakfast … people do a lot of things while they drive. I just felt there was reasonably (believe she was) preoccupied while she was doing something” 

     Distracted driving is a tremendous problem in today’s society that leads to loss of vehicular control, and can even lead to a driver being prosecuted for it to the full extent of the law.   


     So far in 2017, there have been 822 recorded car accidents in Kentucky, with 521 reported accidents resulting in fatality according to accidentsinus.com.  In Ohio, 721 fatalities have been reported since the beginning of 2017 The Ohio's State Patrol states in their report.  According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, nearly 80 percent of accidents are caused by some form of distraction while driving.  Distracted driving is becoming a plague on the roads, and more people are affected by it every day.   


     It is important to be very cautious while driving, and not to let life’s constant distractions have an effect on us while we are operating a vehicle.  No matter how careful a driver is, however, there will always be someone else on the road who is less cautious.  Victims of a car accident caused by a driver losing control of their vehicle should know their rights.  An attorney is standing by to aid you in your pursuit of recovering for sustained injury and monetary loss.  To provide the best possible chance of total loss recovery, it is crucial that an attorney is contacted immediately after you have been injured or wronged.   


The Kentucky and Ohio semi-truck and auto accident attorneys at Schachter, Hendy, and Johnson can represent victims immediately after a dispute has arisen. Call today at 859-578-4444 or contact us online (This is where a link would go for a form on your site) to schedule a free consultation. 

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