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Health Clinics that are for profit and not for your health!

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Are you one of many who has suffered at the hands of a health clinic making promises it can’t keep?  As medical developments progress, there comes an influx of clinical programs that ensure weight loss, anti-aging, and healthier, better you.  Many of these programs, however, violate medical practices and the law.  A program that swears by providing a healthier life may actually be a danger to your health and safety.  If you or a loved one has suffered monetarily, physically, or emotionally because of an untruthful health clinic, it is important that you retain legal counsel to represent you. 


Many doctors are in a race to find the newest, ground-breaking technology to ensure youth, vitality, and a more optimized living experience.  In that race, however, many doctors cut corners and charge an exuberant amount of money for treatments that are proven to do more harm than good.  Recently, doctor Elizabeth Bates faced legal action for the “25 Again” program that uses “hormone optimization” to help aging people look and feel younger and healthier.  The Kentucky Board of Medicinal Licensure conducted an investigation on the program, and the results are shocking.  Review of fifteen randomly selected charts from people that participated in the program revealed that Dr. Bates was prescribing medication to patients that did not need it in an effort to raise their metabolism, causing them to lose weight without dieting or exercising.  This unhealthy practice was in addition to her other forms of treatment, like hormone replacement therapy, and testosterone used in both males and females; which were determined to be unsafe and lacking in FDA approval.   Dr. Bates has been forbidden to practice hormone replacement therapy on the grounds that her conduct constituted an “immediate danger to the public health, safety, or welfare.” 



Questionable health clinics are being scrutinized by medical and legal professionals all over the nation; many dissatisfied customers have voiced their grievances as well.  The reviews posted by patients for the “25 Again” hormone replacement therapy program are overwhelmingly negative.  Several patients posted on the website for the Better Business Bureau, stating that the cost of the clinic was much higher than expected and that they gained an excessive amount of weight through the program.  One patient reported breathing difficulty almost immediately after beginning treatment, in addition to weight gain of twenty pounds.  The clinic suggested only an additional medication for weight loss and did not adequately address the breathing difficultyThe patient states “after months of trouble breathing, I took myself off all their hormones and within a couple of days was breathing better.”.  Not only does this program yield the opposite of the promised result, it also can put the user of the program at risk to their health and safety in the process. 



Health clinics, particularly those that promise weight loss with a prescription pill, have been under speculation for years.  An article in the New York Times states about medical weight loss clinics: “These programs are built on false promises and false hopes with claims of medical supervision when there is none, medical endorsements when they don't exist, deceptive use of before and after ads…”.  It is clear that these programs do not work most of the time, and that the proprietors of the clinics are saying what they believe will get them customers that will pay a great deal of money.  The outcome of the program is not of as much importance as the process of manipulating people into paying for it.   


There is not a need for programs that promise easy weight loss and a happier, healthier, life.  They exist to make money and frequently have negative side effects.  Doctors in charge of many of these clinics are acting negligently in their practice by providing patients with phony treatments.  The ideal outcome of these health clinics naturally come from healthy diet and exercise; something that cannot be replaced by a pill or a procedure.   


Victims of manipulative health clinics should know their legal rights.  An attorney is standing by to aid you in your pursuit of recovering for sustained injury and monetary loss.  To provide the best possible chance of total loss recovery, it is crucial that an attorney is contacted immediately after you have been injured or wronged.   


The Kentucky and Ohio medical malpractice attorneys at Schachter, Hendy, and Johnson can represent victims immediately after a dispute has arisen. Call today at 859-578-4444 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. 

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