Ron Johnson has devoted his career to representing injured victims of malpractice and negligence throughout the United States focusing on complex litigation.
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Testosterone Strokes and Blood Clots

AndroGel: Elixir of Youth or Snake Oil?

Testosterone: A Quick Fix With Serious Safety Risks

Doctors Find Testosterone Causes Osteonecrosis

AndroGel Can Cause Osteonecrosis or Bone Death

Scientists Call for Long-Term Safety Study on AndroGel

Stryker Triathalon Knee Replacement

Stryker Knee Replacements Recalled by FDA After Injuring Patients

FDA Recalls Stryker Triathlon Knee Replacements Due to Faulty Cutting Guide

Xarelto Bleeds, Strokes and Deaths

Xarelto — a Serious Problem at Hand

The Lack of an Antidote—A Deadly Problem

Damages Available When Death from Pradaxa Occurs

Get the Latest on Pradaxa Bleeding Lawsuits Here

What You Need to Know to File a Pradaxa Lawsuit for Wrongful Death

Social Security Disability

60 Minutes Perpetuates Harmful Myths About Social Security Disability

Birth Injury

3 Reasons Why You Should Turn to a Northern KY Birth Injury Attorney

Know When Breech Births Are Likely to Occur to Avoid KY Birth Injuries

Medical Malpractice: When KY Doctors Don’t Detect Kernicterus at Birth

Early Umbilical Cord Clamping Causes Kentucky Birth-Brain Injuries

Are Umbilical Cord Birth Injuries Preventable?

Semi-Truck and Auto Accidents

Deciding if Semi-Trucks Are Safe While Driving Northern Kentucky Roads

A Cincinnati Truck Crash Lawyer Discusses Spinal Cord Injury Expenses

Louisville Auto Accident Leaves Teen Bicyclist Injured

Kentucky Car Accidents and Drowsy Driving

Cell Phones and Kentucky Car Accidents

Dangerous and Defective Products

Tentative Pradaxa Settlement Reached

Find Out Your Role Surrounding Product Defects in Kentucky

Pradaxa Recall Continues to Spotlight This Dangerous Drug

The Latest Surrounding Pradaxa Lawsuits

Did the FDA Approve Pradaxa Too Quickly?

Medical Mistakes

Dr. Durrani Performs Unnecessary Surgeries Harming Patients

Understanding Placenta Previa

Fewer complications from heart device specialists


Jury Awards Kentucky Family $7.2 Million for Defective Cochlear Implant

Victim of Defective Cochlear Implant Awarded $7.25 Million

$7.2 Million Awarded By Jury in Defective Cochlear Implant Lawsuit

Young Girl Awarded $7.2 Million for Defective Cochlear Implant

Jury Awards $7.2 Million in Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant Case

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Ron Johnson Named Co-Lead Counsel in AndroGel Lawsuits...

New Study Finds Most Men on Testosterone Don't Need It...

Canada Finds Testosterone Causes Cardiovascular Problems...

FDA Investigates Testosterone Safety and Warns About Clots...

FDA Warns Testosterone Can Cause Blood Clots...

Co-defendant hospitals sued by former Dr. Durrani patients...

Cervical fusions gone wrong for former Dr. Durrani patients...

Some Dr. Durrani patients have issues with cervical fusions...

Dr. Durani Faces New Federal Charges for Unnecessary Surgery...

Dr. Durrani's License Suspended For Medical Malpractice...

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Testosterone Strokes and Blood Clots

Attorneys Appointed to Represent Men Harmed by Testosterone

On June 6, 2014, the Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation announced that it is transferring all testosterone cases in federal courts to Judge Kennelly of the Northern District of Illinois for pre-trial coordination or consolidation. The initial petition requesting this action was filed by Ron Johnson and Sarah Lynch of Schachter, Hendy & Johnson.

Multi-district Litigation (MDL) petition filed for AndroGel lawsuits. On March 28th, Schachter, Hendy & Johnson filed a nationwide petition to consolidate all AndroGel lawsuits in the Northern District of Illinois. Plaintiffs are requesting that the cases be set before a single judge to expedite the cases and ensure consistent rulings.

Consider a Testosterone Lawsuit for Two Reasons

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Xarelto Bleeds, Strokes and Deaths

Pradaxa—A National and International Problem

Consider a Pradaxa Wrongful Death Lawsuit for These Two Reasons

Although Recent Trials Show Pradaxa Advantages, There Are Far More Disadvantages

Is There Still Time to File a Pradaxa Lawsuit?

Pradaxa Lawsuits Pile Up Due to Serious Side Effects – Don’t Miss Out on Filing for Damages

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Social Security Disability

SSD Fact Sheet

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Birth Injury

Pitocin During Delivery May Cause Serious Northern Kentucky Birth Injuries

Northern Kentucky Birth Injuries May Cause a Child’s Autism

Did Your Baby Suffer Birth Injuries in Kentucky Caused by Breech Birth?

Medical Negligence Can Lead to Kernicterus – A Serious Birth Injury in Northern Kentucky

Was Your Baby’s Kentucky Birth Injury Related to Premature Umbilical Cord Clamping?

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Semi-Truck and Auto Accidents

Kentucky Roads Should Be Safer This July Due to Changes in Commercial Vehicle Regulations

Drowsy Driving—Still a Major Concern in Northern Kentucky Trucking Accidents

Lessons to Learn from the Increasing Number of Semi-Truck Accident Fatalities

Causes of Kentucky Wrongful Death Truck Accidents & Justified Compensation

Reasons Semis Overturn and Cause Kentucky Semi-Truck Crashes

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Dangerous and Defective Products

Was a Defective Child Car Seat in Kentucky Responsible for Injuring or Killing Your Child?

Everything You Need to Know About Liability and Defective Products in Kentucky

Northern Kentucky Dangerous Products Lawyers Provide Legal Help for Victims of Defective Infant Products

Defective Products in Covington May Require Help from a Northern Kentucky Defective Products Attorney

Kentucky Lawsuits Filed Over Toyota’s Defective Accelerator Pedal

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Medical Mistakes

When Doctors Make Medical Mistakes, Turn to a Northern Kentucky Medical Malpractice Attorney

Common Drug Errors to Watch Out For

One in Fifteen Children Injured by Medicine Mistakes

One in 50 Heart Attack Victims Sent Home by Emergency Room Doctors

Surgical Errors Cost Billions of Dollars Every Year

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Nursing Home Neglect, Abuse & Wrongful Death

Neglect is a Form of Nursing Home Abuse in Louisville

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Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse


PLEASE SIGN HERE, HERE, HERE AND HERE…(and your right to Trial By Jury just went bye-bye!!)

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Death Toll Rises: Meningitis Lawsuits Being Pursued in Both Federal and Civil Court

Shape-Ups Linked to Lateral Instability and Serious Injuries for Kentucky Consumers

The 411 on Pain Pumps Used in Knee and Hip Surgeries

Lessons Learned from Skechers – Shoe Companies Shouldn’t Make False Health Claims

Side Effects of Synthetic Pot According to a K2 Spice Lawyer

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Ronald E. Johnson, Jr.

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Schachter, Hendy & Johnson, Attorneys At Law

Ronald E. Johnson, Jr.

Schachter, Hendy & Johnson, Attorneys At Law
909 Wrights Summit Parkway
Suite 210
Fort Wright, KY 41011

Ron Johnson is an attorney who has devoted his career to representing the injured victims of malpractice and negligence throughout the United States.  Ron’s practice has a specific focus on complex litigation involving catastrophic injuries from defective medical devices, including testosterone therapy and Stryker Triathlon knee replacements, hospital mistakes, truck and car accidents, harmful consumer products and exposure to dangerous conditions on other’s property. Ron has succesfully represented victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries from defective products in courts from California to Connecticut.  Ron has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of the victims of such negligence.  It is important to him that these victims are financially able to pay for the extensive future medical care that they will require, as well as replace their lost income if they are no longer able to work as a result of their injury.  Handling large and complex national litigation requires extensive experience and knowledge.  Through his years of litigating these cases, Ron has developed a network of professional colleagues across the country who are some of the finest attorneys handling injury cases.  By working with his colleagues in a collaborative fashion, Ron is able to maximize the recovery for clients  no matter where in the country their case might be filed.

Ron's education, background, training, honors, and professional memberships include:

  • Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society Graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee;
  • Graduate of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, Kentucky;
  • Licensed to Practice Law in Kentucky, Ohio and numerous Federal Courts;
  • Editor of the Brandeis Law Review;
  • Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Kentucky Justice Association currently serving as Treasurer;
  • Member of the American Association of Justice, currently chair of the Toning Shoe Litigation Group;
  • Former member of Attorney Steering Committee for Citizens for Better Judges in Louisville, Kentucky;
  • Past member of the Louis D. Brandeis and current member of the Salmon P. Chase Inns of Court where he currently chairs the Program Committee and serves on the Executive Committee;
  • Member of the Attorney Advertising Commission for the Kentucky Bar Association;
  • Past speaker at the Kentucky Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Seminar;
  • Frequent Lecturer for the Kentucky Justice Association;
  • Recipient of Outstanding Board Member Award of the Kentucky Justice Association 2005;
  • Participant in annual Trial by Jury demonstration at Kentucky State Fair;
  • Member of the Board of the Kentucky Arts Council for the Commonwealth of Kentucky where he chairs the Nominating Committee;
  • Member of Kentucky Bar Association, Ohio Bar Association, Northern Kentucky Bar Association, Louisville Bar Association, and Cincinnati Bar Association.

Ron is married to Kathleen Johnson, who is a Professor of Law at Northern Kentucky University and teaches legal courses in the magnet school program at Dixie High School in Kenton County, Kentucky.  When not working for his clients or spending time with his family, Ron enjoys fly-fishing, snow skiing, reading, and cooking for his friends and family. 

"From the first day I became a lawyer, I made the deliberate decision to only represent those individuals who were hurt, needed help, and could not afford to hire a lawyer who charged a big hourly fee.  It is an honor to be able to spend every day of my working life helping to put good people back on their feet and fighting for justice on their behalf."

Reported Decisions:
Schott v. I-Flow Corp., 696 F. Supp. 2d 898 (S.D. Ohio 2010)

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Dangerous and Defective Products